About TripGeek

We are Trip Geek, providing accommodation to the world as cheap as possible and cheaper in many markets then our rivals

We have over 170,000 hotels on our website with competitive pricing from over 185 countries

You probably are asking yourself, how are we different to the other websites offering accommodation, well we want the trip to be memorable to you and we take the extra effort to give you that personalised touch. We'll call the hotel in advance to ensure your trip is confirmed and no hiccups are expected unlike the big companies, who rely on automation which goes wrong. We actually have real people doing this to make sure there are no surprises when you get to your accommodation ready for your stay. We'll make sure you're stay is great by ensuring the hotel provide that extra little to Trip Geek guests. Not only that we are looking to drive prices right down to help you get the best deal. Try and compare us to the others out there and you will see we can offer some great discounts in places - click the Trip Advisor score and see the comparison price.

We want to be the first place you turn to when you look to get a last minute hotel, a surprise stay, a cheap sleep, a planned bed.....keep checking back as we will be launching a loyalty program, deeper discounts, cashback offers and much more. Yes, we have over 170,000 hotels but we are not just sitting on that, we plan to add more hotels every month to increase the opportunity for you to book the best hotel stays.

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