5 Fantastic Family Destinations for an Amazing Family Holiday

5 Fantastic Family Destinations for an Amazing Family Holiday

Families everywhere are planning their summer holiday! Have you planned yours yet? Any parent will tell you that the summer half term is precious family time, and since you only typically get to enjoy 18 summers with the children, it’s important to get the destination right! Not every summer hotspot is family-appropriate but, having had years in the holiday business, we’ve handpicked five fantastic family destinations for your summer half term!


Cyprus is a fantastic family holiday destination thanks to it ticking everyone’s boxes! Enjoy idyllic beaches with enough waves for the children to enjoy bodyboarding and soft sand for the parents to relax on the beach! There are plenty of ways to keep the children entertained on land too, with activities and children’s resorts offering horse riding, water parks and kids clubs to make friends and explore the island.


Crete is also a popular family holiday destination for its warm weather, affordability and great range of activities. Take the whole family on a thrilling boat ride or mountain biking in the hills. Most family-friendly resorts have water slides and children’s pools as well as activities for older children and bars for the adults, so everyone is happy!


If you’re looking for a family-friendly summer half-term destination that has a lot of history, Sicily is a great option. Expect plenty of sunshine, some easy-going tourist options, some wonderful beaches for a day of sun, sand and sea and lots to interest the children in such as Mount Etna, an incredible volcano, and playparks and pretty town squares to run and play games!


Fuerteventura has been a popular family destination for years and it’s easy to see why. This wonderfully sunshine Canaries spot offers endless supply of family-friendly resorts, usually complete with pools, water parks, kids clubs and children’s entertainers so that parents don’t have to worry about a thing! Most shops speak English, making the family food shops easy, restaurants offer kid-friendly and affordable food and, of course, there is always plenty to do within driving distance if you’d like to rent a car.


If your family doesn’t shy away from long-haul flights, Florida is another good family holiday destination for the summer half term. Disneyland Florida is an obvious choice for families looking to spend some time letting off steam, enjoying the thrill of the theme park rides and the magic of Walt Disney’s creations but Florida is home to much more. Enjoy a number of beautiful beaches, the Kennedy Space Centre, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and a fantastic range of family-friendly restaurants and tourist options.

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