The Trending Destinations Set to Be Big in 2019

The Trending Destinations Set to Be Big in 2019

With a world so big, it can be difficult to tackle your new year travel plans, especially if there are so many places you have yet to go! If you needed inspiration, we’ve got some top destinations that are set to be popular in 2019 and why.



Portugal is a fantastic place for a warm getaway. The main attractions in Portugal are the country’s rich history and culture and of course its food and wine! But there are also many ways to get up and share new experiences such as surfing on the beautiful beaches, enjoying music festivals, golfing and hiking the stunning landscapes. Portugal has plenty to offer, both to couples looking for romance and families looking for fun and friendly activities. Best of all, it’s affordable!



Singapore offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a fantastic hot sunny holiday! Asia in general has a lot to offer a wanderer but Singapore is so special for its forward-thinking architecture and promises to be the skyline of the future. Enjoy delicious food, experience the famous Gardens by The Bay and meet a range of animals at the zoo. The city has so much beauty to take in and is bound to be a hit in the new year.



France is a destination that has it all in a lot of ways. If you’re seeking a cosmopolitan weekend of sight-seeing and shopping, Paris is, of course, the place to go, but if you were looking for a relaxed exploration of great wines, you’ll find yourself in Bordeaux. Sun yourself on a yacht in the South of France for a glorious summer holiday or escape to the countryside for a tranquil break from everyday chaos.



The Unites States of America will always be a popular destination and there are so many places to go. We recommend Alaska, Virginia and Atlanta in the beginning of the year, a road trip in Spring, Florida or California in the summer and New York in the winter time. America is a destination that has so much to offer depending on where you go so it’s bound to be visited repeatedly!



Morocco is an incredibly beautiful destination and has so much to offer, especially the couple looking for a romantic escape or the solo traveller wanting to experience new things. Explore ancient cities, famous for their intricate and colourful architecture, hike epic mountain ranges, visit Fez Medina, see The High Atlas and, for the fashionistas, visit the Musée Yves Saint Laurent!


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